An intermediately skilled artist and occasional freelance author.



Salutations! I'm Navynovaz, but friends are allowed to call me Onyx. Most information about me you need can be found on this Carrd.

I am 14 years old, white, stargendervoid, and angled aroace. I also identify as nonbinary gay + marsic. As well as these, have autism, ADHD, and social anxiety.

I have been drawing since I was a toddler and writing for a few years. While I am not good at either, I'm not awful at them either.

My posts are disorderly and unfiltered, but hey, if you're into that, follow me! My DMs are always open as well.

Do not interact

  • Cringe/cancel culture

  • Exclusionist

  • Mock triggers, believe that less common triggers are 'fake', or intentionally trigger people

  • Necrophile

  • Pedophile/NOMAP/MAP/PEAR/Whatever you assholes call yourselves today

  • Ship and/or headcanon real people

  • Terf/Truscum

  • Use he/him for Chihiro Fujisaki

  • Use slurs you can't reclaim

  • You think fiction doesn't affect reality

  • You think reverse oppression (cisphobia, heterophobia, reverse racism) is an actual problem in society

  • Zoophile

Before you follow

  • I have impaired empathy

  • I rarely pick up on things

  • I swear a lot

  • If I am wrong about something, tell me

  • If you need me to clarify the tone of a post, ask me

  • Use tone indicators with me

All my (linkable) socials

  • Discord: navy.#0001

  • bluemilk/bluemorningz/bullsnake/danthepaniniman

  • (cont.) midday/monamona/mrobama/navynovaz/onyxibll


  • Cookie Run

  • Danganronpa

  • Identity V

  • My Hero Academia

  • Persona 3/4/5

  • SCP Foundation

  • Warrior Cats

  • Vocaloid

  • Your Turn To Die


  • Annular Eyespots (?)

  • Identity V (?)

  • Luca Balsa (?)

Special Interests

  • Chernobyl

  • Felinology

  • Genetics

  • Lepidopterology

  • Pride flags

  • Radiobiology

  • Wolf biology


  • Animation memes

  • ASMR

  • Plushies

  • Oxigenders



Cats (Species)
Dr. Simon Glass (SCP)

K1-B0 (DRV3)

Herb Cookie (Cookie Run)


Wolves (Species)



Aesop Carl (Identity V)

Aloe Cookie (Cookie Run)

Amygdala's Rag Doll (GHOST)

Cats (Species)

Christopher Pierre (GHOST)

Cinnamon Cookie (Cookie Run)

Dr. Gerald (SCP)

Dr. Iceberg (SCP)

Dr. Jack Bright (SCP)

Edgar Valden (Identity V)

Fukase (Vocaloid)

Jayfeather (Warriors)

K1-B0 (DRV3)

Kennith Simmons (GHOST)

Luca Balsa (Identity V)

Moths (Species)

Nagito Komaeda (SDR2)


Rantaro Amami (DRV3)

Rio Ranger (YTTD)

Scourge (Warriors)

Shin Tsukimi (YTTD)

Silver (Pokemon)

Squid Ink Cookie (Cookie Run)

Swiftpaw (Warriors)

Oliver (Vocaloid)

People-Pleaser (GHOST)

  • He/him/his/his/himself

  • It/it/its/its/itself

  • Paw/paw/paws/paws/pawself

  • They/them/their/theirs/themself

  • Vi/vyr/vyr/vyrs/vyrself

  • Vo/voi/voids/voids/voidself

  • Xe/xem/xyr/xyrs/xemself

  • Ze/zir/zir/zirs/zirself

  • 🌙/🌙/🌙s/🌙s/🌙self

  • ⭐/⭐/⭐s/⭐s/⭐self